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The Road to Wedding-town

Ken & I have been engaged for 1 month & a couple days, and we’ve been making some nice strides toward the wedding of our dreams. I have to say that Ken is a most interested, involved groom and I could not be more thankful for his input and suggestions. And I also have an army of friends and family who are so willing to help. I am truly a lucky, lucky woman.

Thus far in our journey, we have gotten the centerpiece vases for our tables, lined up a florist who has agreed to help me make my vision a reality, a caterer who is such a joy to work with that I will firmly be recommending them to everyone that I know, my wedding dress & my reception dress have been purchased and paid for, and the Remembrance Table is well under way.

I ran across an old 1920’s Peerless Reproducer at a pawn shop in downtown Lynchburg. It is a little distressed, but that keeps in line with the vision that I have for our big day. The “public” side of the speaker is lovely and, while the volume of the output is incredibly low, the original wiring and speaker parts still work! I can’t wait to incorporate this into our decor and design something awesome around it.

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