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This mild-mannered little guy started out as a test-guage project. I didn’t have any autumnal colors on hand, but I was dying to try a new pattern for this fall. And… voila!

The evolution of Franken-pumpkin begins in the workshop of Frau von Yarninator. Once a mild-mannered house-frau, her genius mind became slightly cracked when one of her more recent attempts at knitting a lovely little sock pattern blew up in her face. After that infamous day, she no longer wanted to knit ordinary objects. She became obsessed with creating her own little mini-monster…

Several prototypes later, Frau von Yarninator settled on the graveyard look for her new beau. Taking him to the observation tower of her small cottage home (yes, a tower. It was added on as a “honey-do” project by the late Dr. von Yarninator), she tied him to the metal working table and began to give him shape. From the bolts on the neck (very in this season) to the small stem (for she knew her Franken-pumpkin would never have stem envy), every detail was taken into account. Except…

The FACE. Ah well, not all experiments can be a success. Frau von Yarninator will simply have to pay more attention when stitching on the face of her newest creation next year.


And now, onto a real post. This weekend, I have so much to accomplish, but I just couldn’t help starting a new project. It’s a small one, though. I wanted to make myself a M.I.L.K. purse. For those of you who are not familiar with the term ( and by the responses of my friends and family, that would be most of you), it refers to M(oney) I(d) L(ipstick) K(eys). And I felt the undeniable need to do some cabling. So, I am working on a small purse w/ braided cables and two simple cables on a background of reverse stockinette. Soon, I want to do an Aran project bag. I know, I know. Finish what you start, then start more. But who among us actually follows that rule? Not I.

But to end the post, a few more FO’s. First is Fetching from knitty.com, and a Cowl/Neck-collar I designed as a partner piece. And then, cabled fingerless gloves. I’ll post the yarn and needle sizes later… Don’t have the reference card on me. And last but not least, some severed fingers to round off some Halloween knitted objects 🙂

Have a good evening, all! @–^– Heather

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So this is my first pattern, kind of. It’s going to be a crocheted lingerie top, or a bikini cover up, or something like that. It’s got some scalloped detailing around the bust area, and the back ties, rather seductively, just under the shoulder blades. The bust was slightly too loose for my, err…, ample assets, so the flower closure did double duty as an ornamental feature and “cincher”. This little unfinished top actually does provide quite a bit of support for a yarn only garment. 🙂

And an upside-down close-up of the flower detailing:

On the non-crafty front: this has been the week that would not die. Seriously. I know I only work 4 days a week, but those days I do work, I am in the stupid building for 11 hours, if not more. This week, the powers-that-be required us to all do a half hour of extra time before or after our shift. I suppose this would not sound so bad to most people. But I was prepared to chew off my own ear (stop the mental images, guys :)) to get off the phones by that point in the week, and I still had three more days to go. And I had started my first pair of socks at the beginning of the week, so I was slightly stressed out about that. Knitting garments with fitted details is something I have never attempted. And as those who know me are painfully aware, I do not deal well with doing something poorly. So what it’s my first time…Who cares, I should still be able to do it well.
So more pics will follow. Lately, I have been an FO machine! But please do not get used to that. I get easily distracted. Peace out, peeps! *
*yes, I know, I am deemed un-cool simply by uttering that phrase, but I said it… yep, so there 🙂

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