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Have you ever…

wondered why on earth your life has turned out the way it has? Have you ever wondered what you did to make your life fork so dramatically? Have you ever wondered if you would have been better off making a different choice somewhere along the road of your life? Well….. I haven’t. Seriously, I haven’t. Everyone keeps asking me if I would do things differently if I had it to do over again, and yes I would. But the only reason I would is so that I could have the different experiences to tuck under my belt. My life has taken some very strange and unexpected turns these past two years, but I still wouldn’t trade them. They have helped me grow and be a different person. And for me changing myself is an ongoing and endless process.

I know it sounds like I’m writing the preface for a self-help book, but I’m just expressing something I’ve discovered. I’ve also discovered that I am a coward when it comes to trying to better my career. I am just so afraid that I might actually succeed at something that I put it off until that option is no longer available to me. And then I lament about my poor fortune. That trait is something I’m striving to fix, or I guess I should say cast out of my list of personal quirks.

So to wrap this up, I hope it gives you guys some insight into why I am so go with the flow and so reluctant to make career moves. If anyone can offer any advice about the last hang-up, I would love the help!!!

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