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Random quandry

A few ponderances of late have left me quite at odds with the way I have hitherto lived my life. I honestly do not know if I want to continue in the mild mannered, but slightly off-kilter way I meander about day-to-day, or if I want to step out and be an individual until the desire to pierce random parts of my body and dye my hair a different color every month has left my soul. I know it is a phase, and one day I will want to have a normal and very anti-individualistic job. Such is the existence of most in this country. That is why I’m not tattooing my face or something equally drastic. Piercings are removable, hair will regrow in a normal color… and life will resume normalcy. The question that remains is: when do I want to return to a hum-drum life? I know Brandon will support me no matter what I choose to look like, but I don’t want to put him through too much testing either

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Word to the Wise:

Pink hair attracts convicts.
There, I said it. Ever since I dyed my hair pink, the weirdos have been coming out of the woodwork and finding me. Now, I wouldn’t have dyed my hair a wierd color if I hadn’t wanted some attention, but I wanted weird stares, and snide comments just loud enough so I can hear and make snide remarks back. Oh well, you get what you don’t ask for sometimes. So, back at Books-A-Million. And I have another stalker. He’s an ex-con from LA. So the other day, he had one of his little women, bitches if-you-will, drop off a cell phone telling me to keep it on me, Kenya will be calling me. So apparently this is getting weird. Not that I’m scared, just a little creeped out by the whole thing. Well, tonight in retaliation and to try and not be so recognizable from a distance, I attempted to dye my hair.
Now, when I say dye, I mean bleached out the pink, and re-dye it. Well, it came out almost the same damn color as before. Except it wasn’t supposed to even in the same color range. The old color was called Hot Hot Pink, and the new Vampire Red. Clearly not supposed to be the same color. Well, for all those of you who agree with me: joke’s on us!
So here I am, with slightly not pink hair, wanting to have pink hair again, but trying to be less conspicuous to send my stalker on his merry way. And I miss my kitties.

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