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Awesome!! I love Amy Brown!

The Goddess of Magic and Peace. You are a born
star. Always supportive and influential, you
the centre of attention and you are
exceptionally friendly. You are a classic

Which gorgeous goddess are you? For girls! (breath taking pics!)
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What what!!


Your wise quote is: “Fashion is a
form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to
alter it every six months” by Oscar
Wilde.You are a very sarcastic person with a
sharp tongue. You may not be the one always
talking, but your mind is nevertheless
critizing. You tend to have a cynical view on
life itself and be somewhat withdrawn with who
you really are. Society now is in your eyes
corrupted and you wonder how the world will
survive. And people are in your mind very
ignorant and blind to the reality.

What wise quote fits you?(pics) UPDATED
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Who’d have thunk it, huh?

Gay Bear
Gay Bear

Which Dysfunctional Care Bear Are You?
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Teal is your Lightsaber’s color.

The color Teal signifies trustworthiness, devotion
and healing. It is also the indication of a
spiritual guide and natural teacher.

What Colored Lightsaber Would You Have?
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So Special…

So today I’m visiting Samm and Dj and Will in Warrenton, VA. I’m sleeping in a living room that has cremated dogs in the corner, my computer’s keyboard isn’t working properly, and I’m really enjoying being away from work 🙂 All I have to say is I’m desperately wishing I had bought a MAC instead of a PC. This thing is still giving me fits, even though I’ve zeroed out my hard drive and so has DJ. But a quick recap of goings on:
Brandon and I had a trial seperation.
We’re back together.
Work has been screwing me in the ass.
I still haven’t seen the raise I was promised 5 weeks ago.
I still have no cable.
I am still having trouble with my voice.
It’s getting better, though 🙂
I’m bored off my tits right now, and that’s why I’m updating this thing without really having anything to say.

Oh well, I’m off to head into Winchester… Have fun and keep safe!
Love and roses,
You favorite red-head

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