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What a lover you were,

What a lover you’ll be,

Such a remarkable guy,

The most important part of me.

You taught me to love

And showed me the sun,

You gave me hope

When I thought there was none.

As we grow older

And go our own way,

I’ll always remember

They were my best days.

Remember me, my dear,

Once in a while,

For I’ll never forget you

And your quirky smile.

Forever I’ll love you,

Forever it seems,

Because you were my love,

You were my dream.

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Blast from the past

Alright, it’s 2:00am… not a remarkable thing, by normal standards, I know. But tonight is different. Tonight I received a call… correction, three calls from an old ex that I thought I had messed things up with forever. Now, because Murphy’s Law is my life’s manual, I of course missed these calls. Yes. All three. But the question remains… what the hell did he want? One can hope that it was to say he missed me. But hope is for stupid people who like to get their hearts broken. One could suppose that he was cleaning out the phone book on his cell phone and couldn’t remember who I was, so he decided to call to see if he needed the number. That sounds kinda more like it. I dunno. Men confuse me. Exes confuse me even more. But why if I screwed him over as bad as I did, didn’t he erase my number from his memory and phone book? Maybe he didn’t think what I did was so bad…. Geez-us. It’s almost 2:15, and I’m obsessing over a missed phone call from my ex-boyfriend from last summer, and I’m writing about it in an open, public forum for anyone to see. I must be hard up for interaction with people who aren’t my terminally insane parents, or… a man… That’s really the only explanation for this stupid kind of behavior. That, or, maybe I really liked this one. Who knows, he could still be my ticket to feeling like a real woman again. I’m gonna call him back tomorrow. I am. I will not waffle, and I will actually call. If you want to be great friends and call and badger me to see if I’ve called him, I’d love you forever!!! No, seriously though, why the hell did he call after all this time?

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Another food entry…

So, as you’ve all probably guessed, my summer breaks consist of eating away all my stress. Funny how my stress comes from breaks and not classes 🙂 But, I would like to throw out an opinion. As all of you know, I am not one who is shy about sharing her opinions, and as always, I a prepared to hear your comments (however inane and wrong they are bound to be, seeing as how I am always right… right?:)). Now, on to the topic at hand. Whoever thought it would be a good idea to bring Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Bean into existence needs to be strung up by his/her toenails, stripped of their underwear, flogged with wet spaghetti, and force-fed their own product. I mean, come on now!! Who wants to be surprised by opening a seemingly normal bag of jelly beans only to discover that the flavors are somewhat less than… well, good? Soap, earthworm, dirt, sardine… need I really go on? Ok, it was cute the first time I had to spit one out; from then on it was just annoying. But I found myself glued to the bag… Like when your eyes are drawn to the poorly dressed transvestite across the club who happens to be making eyes at your date (yes, ladies and gentlemen, I speak from experience), you can’t pull yourself away until you’ve tried all the disgusting flavors… The Jelly Belly company is turning us all into masochists!! A world of candy craving masochists 🙂 Allright, so that’s really overly dramatic… But I’m having music theatre major withdrawals… Who’d have thought I would have missed all those people creating drama out of thin air??!! Now I really will sign off and not come back before I have something better to talk about than food… Please comment on my ranting and let me know how wrong I am; at least it will give me something to read.

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Another random discovery…

In my twenty-odd years on this earth, I have finally made a revelation of consequence. CAMPBELL’S SOUP IS DISGUSTING IF YOU DON’T ADD WATER!!! Ok, so here’s the explanation… I was feeling lazy (surprise!) and so I figured ‘do I really need to add water?’ After all, it tastes kinda, well, watered down when you do add water. So, I in my infinite wisdom decided to fore go the water. And it’s like drinking liquid salt. Disgusting!!! Blech! But beyond that, nothing much is going on here in the township of Roanoke. I am headed out to visit some friends in Kentucky here in a few days, so I should have some great drunken stories when I come back 🙂 Until then, I’m afraid the only stories I have to relate are boring stories about my cats. Yeah, they’re beautiful, but boring. So, signing off until I have something better to talk about than soup. Dammit, I’m boring…

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The beginning of the end…

So, it is 2:00am, and like every diligent college student I am staying awake as long as possible so I may sleep in until 1:00 and not feel bad about it. If you’re reading this, then my plan to rule the world will soon take root (mwahahaha)… you will do my bidding… you will be my slave… you will buy me ice cream… no? Ok. So seriously, I’ve been hounded by everybody and their brother’s niece to start one of these things. Finally, weak-minded person I am, I have given in. So here you go, kids. The rantings of a woman here in the lovely town of Roanoke… trying desperately to avoid the parentals. And despite the unwritten (but all to apparent) rule that no one with an online journal may follow up the first entry within the month, you may see an update the next time I’m feeling insomniac-ish. So be on the lookout my little devotees 🙂 And now, in true LiveJournal fashion, I will close with a cliche… if nothing else, I can always serve as a bad example!!

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