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I have had these photos for quite some time now, just haven’t posted them. I’ve been sidetracked with my knitting & crochet. However, I stumbled upon a blackwork design book by and I fell in love with the style. I did my first blackwork project (a sampler from her book) in dark green thread, and then moved on to attempt to design my own sampler. Here is the almost end result of my first blackwork piece, and then some pictures of the piece framed.

For my own sampler, I decided to rely mostly on traditional blackwork designs and then took some smaller motifs and worked them in amidst some repeated patterns. I have yet to finish this sampler, but I am still working on it.

I really do get easily distracted before finishing what I start 😦 But I am quite proud of what I have accomplished in this new form. And the back of the piece doesn’t look too shabby either. I’m starting to become proficient in the Holbein running stitch. If you’re interested in blackwork at all, there are some amazing sites online (http://www.blackworkarchives.com/bwbib.html), and I highly recommend Beginner’s Guide to Blackwork and Beautiful Blackwork Samplers by Lesley Wilkins.

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