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“How have you been?”

Innocuous question, but one I felt I couldn’t answer honestly. So I lied, “I’ve been studying Martian music in Rhodanthe.” And the strange young man with whom I was face to face seemed either to believe my cock-and-bull story, or to neither care nor truly be listening to the answer I gave to his pad and remarkably boring introductory question. Soon this casual chat became a cautionary tale of cretinous misappropriation of the English language. The scrutiny was unbearable. Feeling the overwhelming urge to plunge the nearest wooden object through his trachea, I responded mechanically to every horrid question with a quickly fabricated answer. Fumbling to recreate an old bond, we remained in silence for another 10 seconds before I seized the opportunity and extricated myself with a hasty, “Nice seeing you, I’ll talk to you later…” Having quit the scene of my recent inquisition, I blinked and almost lost myself, but then I found me hiding just around the corner, crouched in a puddle of what looked like melted ice cream, but smelled suspiciously like fear. I ran to my truck and wiped the inopportune sweat from between my breasts. Sorry, but we just no longer have anything in common.

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