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What a couple of days…

So in the past couple of days, corporate never came to the store, at least they didn’t until we had to pull another really late night… Somehow or another coffee got spillled on the computer and it had to be taken apart and manually dried, I’ve finished two new knit and crochet projects, and subsequently become an old woman, and I still miss my boyfriend. But other than that, I guess I’m still just boring Heather. So that’s it for this pointless installment of the recounting of my life…
Until next time, I remain, your favorite red head… except now my hair is dark brown. I needed a change. Oh well, I can still be a red head in my heart 🙂

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Great haircuts make me horny…

And on that note, let me just say that now I want to sleep with myself! Ok, ok… I shall explain. Today I decided I needed a haircut, Didn’t really have the money for it, but decided I needed it none the less. I went over to Apple Blossom Mall, where by the way I’ve received some of my worst haircuts, but I know them and they’re nice. So I go over, and this awesome chick named Amy, with really cool hair (good sign #1) starts doing my hair. Firstly, she’s really careful about my piercing, which I appreciated; but secondly, she actually cut my hair! None of the “long layers” bullshit I’m used to, and I love it! It’s kind of a bob haircut, and a bit longer in the front that in the back. I look all grown up 🙂
But beyond that, not much is going on. We have a visit from Corporate tomorrow at Books-A-Million, so we’ve been busting our asses all night to get the store to look good. And I’m really tired. But that good kind of tired, like too-much-sex tired… or really-great-workout tired, so I’m great. Happy and feeling accomplished tonight. So on positive that note, goodnight, all!

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So today I saw…

a lady shit herself in the bathroom, a woman make and ass out of herself in public over a Jennifer Aniston magazine, myself getting excited over the dashboard widgets on MAC computers, and that a power supply for a windows laptop costs between $79- $159. Yeah it was a good day.

I have also decided that I need to enlist the help of all my friends out there. The next time you see some asshole throwing his (or her, just to be fair) nasty used toothpick, chewing gum, jelly beans, or band-aid onto the floor of a retail establishment, please grill that person. Give him/her the third degree. Ask for medical history; inform them that not all retail employees signed an agreement stating they would gladly contract hepatitis or worse to clean up after his/her sorry ass. And if they still insist on throwing said contaminant on the ground, please smack him/her soundly in the face with a closed fist (make sure it hurts, dumb fucks can be rather hard-headed you know) and knock out all those teeth so he doesn’t need a toothpick, or make the wound so big she can’t put a fucking band-aid over it, or so they just vacate the store as quickly as possible. Also don’t be stupid. In the event that you should hit said litterer and overall pain-in-the-retail-worker’s -ass, please high tail your ass out of the store in case pansy boy decides to call the cops and report that he was littering and a good samaritan citizen showed him the error of his ways.
Thank you for your help.
Your loyal friend,

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