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This is my first try at drawing. I know I have very little spatial comparative ability and have never endeavored to draw before because of it. But here goes.

This horse is my first drawing ever (besides the doodles you do as a kid & in your notebooks in school if those count). Literally ever. It’s done on sketch book paper with charcoal. I never knew how messy these stupid things were. My fingers were black for a day afterward from all the shading & blending.

The next one is another charcoal sketch that I did a couple of days later. He is a wizard modeled after a little figurine I have. I really like how he turned out. I love wizards with voluminous beards! His robe has moons & stars on it and the folds actually turned out very well. I was pretty proud of this one 🙂

These next few pics are in a series that I started that were inspired by the artwork of a woman I found on etsy.com. She repurposes book pages into art. I decided to do a little homage to her & made these. The first two are my metallic trees; the tree on left surrounded by silver, the tree on the right done in gold.

I love that you can still see the text in & around the trees. These two were from a book called “The Junior Classics” that was printed in 1985.

This one is another permanent marker drawing on “The Junior Classics” but it has a different feel. A hauntingly romantic red background paired with a tragically dying tree. A great allegory for love. The little twiggy parts are my favorites. They were a little wide so I tried the image again with an ultra fine point marker. Strangely I was able to get smaller lines by hovering the thick tipped marker over the page that I was with the UF marker.

The next two images are the same drawing but two different photos of it. This one is from the same book, on a page with nursery rhymes on it. Done with prismacolor colored pencils.

I love how the trunk is ashy white but you can still see the text through it!

And last, we have a few more permanent marker drawings. But these are smaller & on the pages of a different book. These are from a play called “Two for the Seesaw” from 1963. I purchased this little book specifically to be ripped apart. I love the size of it & the neatest part is that the book came with the agency card still inside reporting that the play carried a royalty of $25 per performance to be paid to the agency. So awesome!

The left image says “ERECT” and is supposed to be phallic.  And the scantily clad can-can girl on the right says “LINGERIE”.

These are the first two in a series of Naughty Images that I am doing. I have one that drops the F-bomb that I am debating putting up. I don’t know how to censor it & don’t want the wrong person to stumble across it. Maybe I’ll just post it on Craftster so that I can tag the photo. We’ll see. I also have several different subversive cross stitch patterns that I designed that I want to show off, so I may just put the warning in the title of my post.

I guess this post is long enough for now, so I’ll let you all go 🙂 Happy crafting and have a blessed day!
)O( Heather

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