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A quick catch up

Here we are again. All too familiar territory. I have not blogged in a while. So here goes the requisite catch up.

Work: got a “promotion”. It was actually a decrease in base-pay because I lost my shift differential, but I am off the phones… kind of. Now instead of being on the phones 10 hours a day taking normal calls, I am on the phones between 3 & 6 hours a day taking escalated calls. The rest of the time, I provide internal support for our agents via chat service. I love the new job. But the company is about to change the format for the internal agent support. I am apprehensive to say the least.

Home: Brandon & I are in negotiations for our first house together. It is in Pulaski, VA. The first place we went to get the loan, that was fun. WE qualified for the loan. PULASKI didn’t. Yeah. They turned down the city. “Declining economic territory.” Cute. Real Cute. But we are back on track & should (fingers crossed) close on the home at the end of July. If we close, you can be sure to have before & after photos to bring you right into our living room

Crafting: Not too much here. My hands & wrists have really been bothering me. It’s hard to hold my knitting needles or crochet hooks right now. So no new projects, old projects are kind of on hiatus. But I did finish Ellie’s baby blanket. It’s a sugary sweet pink Disney princess quilt. All done by hand (piecing, backing, quilting, edging). My grandmother would be so proud!!

Animals: my dear fish, Koios passed away this past week. I went out of town to visit some very dear friends for several days & asked the bf to look after my babies. When he left for work the day I came home, both the cat & fish were fine. I picked him up from work, we came home & the fishy was dead. The water had turned this sickening shade of yellow. But he lived a happy fishy-life. Very active & interested in the world around his little watery home. I don’t think I’ll get any more fish. I loved him, but he was my first fish & I didn’t truly enjoy the maintenance of cleaning & changing the water (even part of the water) every 2-3 days. Perhaps…. a chinchilla!! I’ll have to try to talk my darling bf into that one. Oh, and I’ll have to try & keep Aris from eating the cute little baby critter if I get one.

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