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It has been such a long time since I have posted and there is a ton to catch you all up on, but I will start with this… I’ve been super busy with this…


Yay!! I honestly could not be any more happy than I am at this point in my life, and I promise you that I will let you guys in on all the details in later posts. Right now, though, I have some fun new crafts to share with you.

The first and biggest that I want to share actually has nothing whatsoever to do with our upcoming wedding. But I’ve got a couple of great progress shots and I am seriously anxious to share them with you.

The project is a giant cross stitch of the Super Mario World map. Yep. The whole thing. There are even options to do some of the little mini-maps of the different levels (funkymonkey from SpriteStitch.com is the author of the pattern and has some other awesome stuff on the site). But that is a very distant thought; the map itself promises to take at least 2 years, if I work on it every day. It is that large a pattern and the stitches are that small. This is what the map will look like when it is all done:


I purchased the evenweave cloth and some of the first colors I would need for the pattern over a year ago & then I just kept putting it off time and again. Something would come up or some other craft would come along and I would talk myself out of starting the pattern. Then on the 15th of June, I had crafted a ton of stuff for the wedding, started a new job and decided that I needed a break from wedding planning and DIY. Mario fit the bill.

So far I have two updates to share. This first photo is from June 25 & is about 3,120 stitches. I figured out that with this tight a weave on my fabric, I only have to do 1/2 stitches on everything but the black. In order to get crisp 8-bit lines, I went ahead and did full stitches.


The second photo is from June 30 and I have absolutely no idea how many stitches I have done now. I’ll keep posting updates as I go, but they may seem quite unimpressive. This is probably 30-40 hours of work, so it does take quite awhile to make any visible progress at all. Lol.


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