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Long time, no update

So… it’s been a while since I last updated. My CTS (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome) has been kicking my ass & I havent’ been able to hold my needles, let alone the weight of my current projects. But I’m beginning to feel a little better (Mineral Ice is my new best friend!).
So, here’s the quick update. Brandon & I are buying a house!!! We close at the end of July & I cannot wait!!!! The cleaning/packing has already begun. Two bags are already filled & just waiting to go to Goodwill. And soon comes… DECORATING!!!! I have so many ideas flowing ’round my shortly shorn little head (oh yeah, did I mention, I got a truly horrible short haircut. Well, if I hadn’t yet, I just did).
And as far as projects go, I am still working on the king-size basket-weave crocheted afghan, queen-size Phoenix Coyotes duplicate-stitch afghan (that one doesn’t have to be done until next hockey season though, phew!), quilt for Ellie & Alexander (one Care Bear, the other Disney princesses), kimono shawl, and several other small projects.
Hopefully I’ll have some project pics soon, but for now, pictures of the new house will have to suffice. P.S.-We’re buying it from a cute Marine & his girlfriend. They’re super nice, but have a very country style. It will look different after the decorating.

We’re the house on the right. It’s just these two houses on the lot (right now the other house is not occupied & won’t be for some time. The owner is doing major repairs to the home, but doesn’t seem to be in any hurry. They think it will become a Habitat for Humanity house once it’s fixed up). The lot backs up to a dead-end street that can’t be seen through the trees on our lot & on one side is an old bakery (again, not inhabited) and on the other side is an old bottling plant. The plant is also not occupied, but in theory, if Pulaski becomes a metropolis & has businesses just begging to come to town, it could be started up again. I think we’re safe 🙂

The living room is right off the back entrance & porch. The door you see lead to the sunroom & off to the left is the dining room, which is pictured below.

This is our fun spacious kitchen & breakfast nook (foreground, but hardly visible). To the left is the hallway off the front entrance.

Upstairs is the bathroom, two bedrooms, study & this beautiful add-on excercise room (it will be partly excercise room, partly crafting room. Yay!!)

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Take a deep breath…

o it’s been a long, long time since I updated this thing… and I guess it’s about time 🙂

A run down of what’s been going on: let’s see, Brandon’s sister had her baby (Alexander Steigerwalt) in February 2008; she & her husband celebrated their one year anniversary at the end of May; Brandon & I have both gotten promotions at work; we shopped for, found & bought a house (YAY!!!); mom is doing slightly better; my step-grandfather passed away; my grandmother moved back to Roanoke; my truck still isn’t inspected for this year (I know, I procrastinate… it’s why you love me); my nieces & nephews are all beautiful & growing like beautiful/handsome little “weeds” (I really hate that expression, come to think of it); Brandon & I bought our first car together (a green honda civic that is incredibly cute & great on gas); we found out Charlotte is our favorite overnight vacation spot & that the Charlotte Checkers have great home games, and I found out that I have a lot more crap than I can ever use. Goodwill will love me this year!!

Beyond all of that, life’s been tame. Knitting/crocheting, quilting, cooking, cleaning, working, taking care of the animals,  and trying to keep up with everything going on in everyone’s lives. Sometimes the internet is the only way to keep up & apparantly I’m not such a great electronic penpal anymore 😦 Oh well, life has to calm down once we close on the house, right? I just can’t wait for painting, staining, decorating, arranging, retiling, hanging drywall, insulating the basement, landscaping the yard… at the end of this whole process, I might just fight Bob Vila for his job 🙂

I guess that’ll be all for now. Feel free to email me, I still am alive & would love to hear how everything is going for all of you. I promise I’ll write back, it may just take a few days 🙂

Blessed be, Heather

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