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30 Before 30

Well, folks, it’s about that time. I am nearing a birthday that I have been dreading. No, it isn’t the big 3-0, yet. But it’s pretty darned close. I turn 29 in 2 weeks and it has been getting my down. No need to lie here… I’ve been seriously contemplating lying about my age, repeating a few numbers I’ve already lived through, dying my hair, getting botox, figuring out a way to get my hands on a student ID card and continuing to live my life like an early 20-something. But, alas, I can do none of those things… at least not without feeling like a heel.

Earlier today, I saw that a friend was contemplating what to do for her 30th birthday, and she had so many grand ideas. Well that gave me one. Why wait for that one special, and oh-so-dreaded, day when I have slightly over a year to gear up for it? I’m going to turn my 30th into something to savor and look forward to, rather than something to avoid or look upon with the heavy heart of a youth misspent. And thus my version of the 30 Before 30 list was born. I haven’t managed to nail down the whole list yet, but when I do, you’ll all be the first to know. This is what I have so far:

  1. Hike a portion of the Appalachain Trail.
  2. Take a belly dancing class.
  3. Cook a gourmet meal for my closest friends.
  4. Relocate.
  5. Lose those last pesky pounds (current count: 40).
  6. Finish the first draft of my novel.
  7. Attend a spiritual retreat, ritual or convention.
  8. Purchase a more reliable car.
  9. Get a tattoo.
  10. Workout for 30 days straight (yoga, weights, jogging, hiking, you name it- anything goes).
  11. Overcome my fear of being submissive.
  12. Be just a little bit selfish.
  13. Go to NYC to see a show and eat at a little known, but well loved, local joint.
  14. Pop my karaoke cherry.
  15. Get over my fear of cameras by taking 1 photo a day for 30 days (of myself, no exceptions)
  16. Go back to college; pursue a degree in English.
  17. Forgive, but not forget.

I am not a giant fan of photos (see #15), but I will do my best to document these as I go. I will undoubtedly be enlisting the help of my lovely friends to make this a success, so perhaps they can chronicle my journey. 🙂 I can’t wait to get started on this journey toward my next big milestone, but I think it will have to wait for tomorrow morning!

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