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    So I finished up two little mini-xstitch projects 🙂 With the rush of daily life, I’ve been struggling to get in any crafting time at all so I am actually proud that I’ve managed to accomplish this much. The first little design is actually inspired by a picture I found on Tumblr & I {confession-time} did it for the sole purpose of being able to make it my cell phone background. It only took about 30 minutes to complete once I made up the chart. The part that took the longest was actually trying to find my needle. It had somehow gotten out of its holder and was buried amidst the myriad skeins of thread in my cross stitch hat box. Talk about the proverbial needle in a haystack. And now, for those of you who are easily offended, please look away now. This is the beginning of the NSFW portion of this entry.

Here I give you the first in a series of subversive cross stitch designs 🙂 I’ll also be including the chart for them. I do all of my designing with a free program called KG-Chart and you can download it here. For this design, as it is fully customizable, I didn’t include floss color #s, even I didn’t use the colors I charted with. Lol. Hope you enjoy!!

And here is the screenshot of the chart I came up with. If you like, you can windowbox the design by using a backstitch around the outside edge, all the way around. See, totally customizable 🙂

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New Quote

“They’d crashed into each other like giant stones… eventually they’d eroded each other into the perfect fit, become a single wall, nestled into each others curves and hollows, her strengths chinking his weaknesses, her weaknesses reinforced by his strengths”

Dreamfever, Karen Marie Moning

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Heather Beth’s Bachelorette Party

So my best friend, Heather Beth, is getting married at the end of the month and, as Maid of Honor, I got to throw the bachelorette party!! Heather is not the bar type, definitely not the stripper type, and I love her just as she is… so, to honor that spirit, we did a wine crawl, had dinner at one of her favorite restaraunts, and then went back to her house for guilty-not-so-good-for-you food, movies and girl time 🙂 I uploaded a lot of the pics to facebook, but some of them were slightly risque. And those, I bring to you, dear blog-followers!! Enjoy 😀

Our day started at Hilltop Winery, one of Heather’s favorites, and did an extensive tasting there. We also bought a bottle of wine to share between the four of us and had a little brunch on the patio at the winery. I packed 5 types of cheese (a local artisinal sharp cheddar, horseradish havarti, gouda, pepperjack & colbyjack), carrots, apple slices, grapes, 4 types of crackers and bottled water. It was a good start to the trip…

After we broke our fast, I gave Heather the first of her gifts and all the girls got to open their goodie bags from yours truly 🙂

The favor bags included a wine cork candle, a wine tasting journal, harvest scented candle, several little candies and chocolates, 2 artisinal chocolates (a champagne truffle and a salted caramel- both Heather’s favorites!), and kama sutra silly bands!! The girls also got to choose their own wine glass tags, buttons and Hawaiian leis.

The picture at the left is the group of us (L to R: Kelly, Heather Beth, Heather J & Heather B {me}) at Hilltop, next to my knight in shining armor. As the only unmarried girl there, I called dibs!

After Hilltop, we went to Horton Vineyards, pictured at right. It is a beautiful winery with an extensive tasting list, though legally they can only let you taste 10 in a visit.

And this is our group at Horton. I like this photo of us; I think we all look really happy. And all told, this trip was a complete success.

After the wine crawl, we ate at {RA} in Lychburg, where Ashley joined us, Heather got some more gifts and Kelly had to take off back down toward Wytheville. Then back to the house. When we got back to the house, we watched some Tosh.0, and played Pin The Manhood on Your Man.

  The night before the party, Heather & I stayed up a little late doing what else? Drawing extra special penises for the Pin The Manhood on the Man game 🙂 Heather did the fire & policeman (her fiance is a policeman!), I did the rainbow one… And in the third photo, Heather did the fish and the peppermint & I did the rest. I think we loved drawing them as much as playing the game! 

When we had had our fill of phallic placement, I made pzuki (underdone chocolate chip cookies with vanilla ice cream and fresh raspberry cooli), red wine chocolate fondue, and pumpkin fluff. We ate until we thought we would go into a coma and then passed out from exhaustion about 2am. We had to go to… something, I don’t remember what… early the next morning, so we needed to pass out. It was a really good night!

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