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“Winchester Company Loses 2”

That’s the title of the front page report in the Roanoke Times today. It doesn’t release the names of the two footsoldiers of Company C (Winchester Reservists) or the interpreter who were killed in an explosion in Ghazni Province, Afghanistan.

Now, as most of you know, I went to school with a goodly number of Company C. One of whom I was very close to… His name is Rick Ingavo. Pray for him, that he is safe. And if he was one of the ones who paid the ultimate price to protect all of us, pray that his family understand his sacrifice and feel nothing but honor in the wake of his passing.

In the days following a conversation with my recruiter, I am now feeling many emotions. Not the least of which being impatience that my body won’t respond as quickly to training as I need it to, to join in the most expedient manner. Feeling the tremors that shake a person’s body when they recieve notification of a loved one’s passing in active duty is like nothing else; and it inspires hatred for those responsible and extreme patriotism, gratitude that can never be fully expressed, and lastly a debt that cannot be repayed without returning the favor and protecting all of those the servicemen who died risked, and ultimately lost, their lives trying to protect.

With every serviceman or woman that passes, it only fuels the fire of those serving to put to right all the wrongs of a regime that never should have been. And stirs the passions of those who want nothing more than to serve. And to the other mother fuckers who don’t care…. KISS MY EVER-LOVING ASS!! If you don’t believe in your country, if you can just sit on your couch eating cheetos and turning the channel to avoid the news reports, then get the hell out of MY country. Why don’t you go to Iraq?? If you don’t support us, then you are ultimately supporting those killing our men and women. And to that I say a hearty FUCK YOU! And I believe all servicemen everywhere will join me in this sentiment. All Americans who can truly be called Americans will join me. FUCK YOU, you lazy, listless sons of bitches! Rot in a special hell reserved for the mutinous and unpatriotic.

I am an American. I will always be an American. So will all of you. Get used to the idea. Start supporting your country and the men and women dying to protect people they have never met, because we all share the same name: American.

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The website as promised is…


This dude is whacked in the head, or has been. I can’t quite tell which. But there you have it. Spe-shul!! GZ Pete, I can’t even believe this guy. Check it out for yourselves, and have a laugh on me. And thank Rick for stumbling on this little gem of a website…

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What the Hell???!!!

Ok, so I am buying Heather’s birthday present from this local artist, and she decides to lay on me her life story. This seems to be the theme of my summer… first an angry Cuban lady, and now some fruit-cake artist who thinks that her inspiration and ability comes from being ass-raped by aliens! Yes, you heard me…

Alright, since you don’t quite understand the severity of this woman’s mental health.. (ok, I’m not even going to sugar coat this one: she was freakin nuts! Ya hear me? NUTS!!! ) I’m going to share her story with you… If I must suffer, so must the infinitely small number of people who read my journal regularly…

(Mind you this comes straight from her biography sheet, which she gives each of her customers, so they don’t forget from where her remarkable talent stemmed… sure! And I’m a Muslim lesbian whose only dream is to play criquet in China)

Biography STARROOT        Visionary Art

“Starroot grew up in Southern Germany and started to create art at an early age, inspired by nature, her unlimited fantasy, and supporting parents, who felt she fell from a star. She explored and practiced conscious dreaming in her early childhood. She is a self-taught artist. When she was 30 years old, she had a life-changing Out of Body experience in a car accident. Starroot opened more and more for visions coming to her. Angels of light warned her three times, before Chernobyl happened [Though by the pictures on her website, I have to say I’m pretty sure she was exposed to the radiation before her ‘spirit friends’ saved her ass…] and guided her in 1986 with her two children to Tennessee and the to the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. In 1987 she had an alien encounter.

“Strangely this frightening experience seemed to trigger a prolific song writing period, released in her first audio tape “Follow the Light.” She studied Tibetian, Indian and Mayan Spirit Traditions and their sacred art. Due to an illness in 1992 she started painting her healing visions, a series of over 50 large animals appear in her visions vibrating bright colors. She calls this series “Arcturian Dreams.” Now she has created over 200 paintings, each one showing visions from dreams and contact with other dimensions [Can you guys believe this crap? No, seriously wait. It gets better!]. In 1999 she was stricken with a serious back injury and severe pain. In a hospital bed she finished over 26 paintings, new visions, which came for her healing. They are in the book “Amanita Dreams” together with Starroot’s visionary poetry. In the year 2000 she released her latest art and poetry book “Vision Quest.” Starroot and her galactic band [yes, guys, she said galactic band] are in the process of creating a tribal rock opera for a multi media show of “Vision Quest.” You can check the current on her web page for future performances. Starroot is in the finishing process of her newest book “Spirit Animals” [Sure to make it to the top of New York Bestseller’s List, I assure you!]

“Starroot has sold many paintings to collectors in Germany and the US and exhibited in San Francisco and New York and countless art festivals. In 1997 she was invited to exhibit 40 of her large paintings at the art department of Radford  University in VA. She also was invited to teach as a guest speaker about her visionary approach to art  [I wonder how the rednecks reacted to her alien visions?? I would have paid money to be a fly on the wall of that lecture hall]. Starroot has been showing her art of the Internet since 1995. The painting “Mirror Goddess” from her early works is now in the permanent collection of the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore.

Starroot continuously opens up for positive visions and gives them form in new paintings.

You can find her webs ite and cyber art sop for art prints and postcards at:


So, there you have it. Almost as freakin’ nutty as that guy who advertises “How to make your own alien-repelling helmet” from a garbage bag and aluminum foil. Rick showed me that site, I’ll have to find it again so I can share the stupidity with all of you. You might come to realize that mental asylums are terribly under-crowded considering  the number of people who should be seeing padded white walls when they wake up every morning, but aren’t… and indeed instead are being given the right to publicly broadcast their stupidity on the internet.

Ok, so random ranting aside…. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HEATHER!!!!!! Can’t wait until I can celebrate with you on September 8th! Until then, I’ll just have to sneak into the bathroom for flask shots! 🙂

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