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  • Challenge:
  1. Listen to 1 ‘get up & go’ song each day.
  2. Get back into the swing of walking by walking at least 4 miles this week.
  3. Finish Michelle’s baby blanket in time for the baby shower Sept. 5.
  4. Keep terror over approaching birthday to a minimum. No hyperventilating. Period.

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Well, I succeeded with one of my challenges last week and promptly forgot all about setting the other one. Literally forgot completely.  Now that my Green Monster Challenge is done I’m free to start another good-for-me food-related challenge. And I think I know just the one.


  • Eat at least 3 servings of fruit and veggies each day this week

I’m aiming to eventually work my way up to 5 servings of fresh veggies and fruits each day, but that is hard to do when you have no money. And no hope of any coming in until October. Interesting financial situation I have on my hands. But I’ll get it together.

**Update 8/28: Challenge successful!!**

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This week will be a continuation of one of last week’s challenges and one new one. Last week I only wound up walking 8.75mi instead of 10. I was going to walk last night, but I got paranoid that I was going to wind up running out of time to make the presents for a friend’s baby shower. I always hand make baby items & I set an ambitious project for myself this time. Lol. So this week’s challenge will be slightly less ambitious, but still a challenge.

  • Challenge
  1. Drink one Green Monster for 14 days, continued
  2. Do 50 crunches, 50 modified push-ups and 50 squats 5 out of 7 days this week

**Update 8/21** Challenge 1: COMPLETE!! See Besties Battling the Bulge for all the post-challenge details 🙂 Challenge 2: Totally forgot about this one and did not complete it. Not even one day. I have the memory of a flea.

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This week I decided to give myself a little more of a challenge. This one will be two-fold and one half will carry over through next week. I will be cross-blogging that one on my weight-loss blog since it has to do with my weight-loss efforts. The second will also have to do with my weight-loss, but that one I think I will only track here.

  • Challenge:
  1. Drink one Green Monster everyday for 14 days. ***Update: 7 days down, 7 to go***
  2. Walk 10 miles this week. ***Update: 8.75mi. Fail.***

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This week’s challenge will be an easy one to ease into it. I’m a fast food junkie and during my fall off the wagon, I did rely on it a few times. Especially to grab breakfast on the run when I was commuting between Appomattox & Roanoke. So this week is simple:

  • Challenge:

Avoid fast food. All fast food, even salads from chains & ready made foods at the grocery store.

Update 8/6: Challenge completed successfully 🙂

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