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And here are the photos I promised!! And here is the source for this wonderful pattern that was a whiz to whip up: http://mkcarroll.typepad.com/mk_carroll/2007/07/mug-and-french-.html

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I have a FO to add to the new blog!!! It’s a coffee cup cover-up? A hand protector? A pretty thing that doubles as a coaster? Ok, so I don’t know what I want to call mine, but I love it!!!
I knitted it on a set of Lantern Moon size 5 ebony double-point needles, and an unknown yarn from my stash in a pretty grey heather color. The pattern called for switching to straight needles at one point, but I couldn’t make that work. Just didn’t happen. In fact, when I tried, I had to frog the whole thing and start again. But the finished result was quite good for my first real knitting project that didn’t entail making a large swatch and doing some sewing to finish it.

Pictures to follow later 🙂 Now off to take care of my under-the-weather boyfriend.
Blessed be, all!

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Greetings, and blessed be!

So here we go, friends. A new and exciting journey into the digital age. Yes, until now I was sans camera. Now, watch out ’cause I’m armed with many UFO’s and less than ample time to complete them…
As for me, my name is Heather, I’m 24-yrs old and I love all things fiber arts. I was a voice major in college, with a minor in piano accompaniment. Aaaaaand…. I now work in tech support for Echostar/ Dish Network. Way to use that 50-thousand-dollar education, huh? I currently live in the wonderful state of VA and I am a follower of an alternate spiritual path. I will attempt to make this blog pretty religion/politics free, but will not make promises. I will eventually slip up, and don’t want to break my promise.
I am incredibly new to blogging and hope there will be at least one person who sees this blog, other than me of course 🙂 So ladies, and gents, of all ages, welcome to the greatest show on earth!! (sorry couldn’t resist, haha)

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