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But I did submit my application & financial aid paperwork. It was a big step for me to do that all on my own. I became so reliant on the joint efforts that come as being part of a couple… now I’m starting to reinvent myself as a single & am learning to stand on my own two feet. Either once I’m back in school, or once I get a full time job if school falls through, I’ll move out on my own & start that adventure.

I had my first performance in over 4 years on Sunday. It was a church choir performance, but any step toward a dream counts. On the 30th I’ll have another small performance. I have also been given an open invitation to join a choir affiliated with my old college for the upcoming semester. Normally one would need to audition, but the director told me to “just register & come on out”. Which is awesome, cause he’s never heard me. He’s working off of the word of my old professors & choir mates. It’s a cool feeling to be remembered as a good choral voice. Even though I want to branch out & cut my teeth on solo performing, it’s always been my passion. For pity’s sake, I mean I want to be a choral conductor, of course choir would be my first vocal passion.

My fingers are starting to get back into shape on the piano front as well. Still not great, but working on getting better again. The Carpal Tunnel Syndrome keeps me from getting back to the level I was at before, but I’m becoming passably good once more. Now if only SU would call me & tell me they reaccepted me, and FAFSA could tell me how much aid I’ll be getting, I could move on with everything else. I’m going to need to take out extra loans to live on when I go back, so I’d take them out this semester so I wouldn’t have to take out extra for living expenses for the next semester. I dunno how that will work, I’ll have to get with the loan people to see how much I will qualify for. I just hope financially I’ll be able to make it all come together.

On a fun side, I went to a live show on Saturday night fell in love! With a band. The Dreamscapes Project. Kind of a folk rock kinda fusion band. They played a club in Vienna called Jammin’ Java. It was an intimate performance that I thoroughly enjoyed. The lead singer/guitarist, Keith Center, is a charismatic & entertaining front man, while the bass & drum kit support the sound of the band nicely. The two musical “oddities” of the band add an interesting element to the overall sound of the group. The percussionist (bongo, cymbal, pretty much everything not the standard kit-already referenced in this post) added a depth of rhythmic structure to the set; while the cellist, Ben Guy (with whom I went to college ages ago), gives a beautiful, sometimes haunting, sometimes melodic, sometimes outright rocking additional point of melodic interest.

I went home & friended them on Facebook. I know, I’m becoming a Facebook junkie. But all is well if that is my only embarrassing vice 🙂 For now, I’m signing off to vacuum.

@-v– Heather

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Lots of updates

Well, after four years being together, Brandon & I are no longer a couple. I have since moved to Winchester, VA because the house we bought is in his name, our car was in his name, so now I just have the F250, our computer was mostly his since I still had mine from college 4 1/2 yrs ago, and I had to quit my job since I didn’t have a place to live. But on the positive side, I now know that I have friends who love me for me & not because I’m the lesser-known-half-of-a-couple. I’m currently living with my best friends Samm & DJ, and their two children Will, 4, and Sage, 2. I’m in the process of applying for readmission to college & financial aid. I’m really hoping to get everything squared away for the Spring semester of ’09. Should be able to get it done by then if I can get my W2 from 2007 for the FAFSA. All in all I’m hoping this catastrophic event will work out for the best in the long run.

I’ve been going to a Universalist Unitarian Church up here & am in the choir. It’s a good first step to getting me back in the swing of things. I also have a small performance coming up on November 30th. I’m doing one of two things: I’m either accompanying Samm, or I’m doing a duet with Samm. One or the other. The song selection is up to us, so it probably won’t be decided for certain until about a week before the performance. But we’ll pull it all together. Always do.

At the moment, my cat Aris is staying with my parents. Until I get an apartment of my own, I can’t bring him up. Dropping him off & saying goodbye was really hard. What was also hard was driving the 4 hours from Pulaski to Winchester 6 times to bring all my stuff up to my storage unit. 8 hour round trips. Ick. Brandon said he wanted my stuff out as quickly as possible so he could get on with his life. I was reluctant to move absolutely everything because I still wanted something there so I would have a tie to him in some way. It was a sad thought & I see how it was a thought in error. Hard to see when you’re in the middle of having your heart ripped out though.

On the crafting front, right now since I don’t have a job, I’ve got plenty of time. I’ve started trying to draw…. well copy other drawings. I don’t have the spacial perception to be able to create new art at the moment. Getting my “feet under me”, so to speak, is the best thing I can do to work up to the point of creating original art. I’ve started a new scarf. It’s going to be in stockinette stitch with a pocket on each end. On each pocket, I’ll be duplicate stitching a broad maple leaf & scattered down the length of the scarf (and fading into the actual pocket) will be smaller leaves that I will embroider on. The scarf itself is a dark brown, the leaves will be dark green, wine, orange & a mustard yellow if I can find one. We’ll see how it turns out. The embroidery & junk are originals so I don’t know how they’ll translate from my head to my stitching. I’ll post pictures once I finish & have a computer of my own to use. I also finished an offering for my first ritual. I cross stitched the word rebirth in an ivy pattern. I backed it with music fabric & offered it in the fire during the Samhain ritual. That was a lot of fun & very enlightening for me. After the ritual we drank & sat around the fire. I tried my hand at drumming on the djembe. I found out that I drum like a pianist, haha. As the night went on, I got more into it & less self-conscious. I actually like drumming a lot. I might just have to get myself one & start doing it more often 🙂 We’ll see.

For now, I’m going to end this novella & pledge to blog again soon… seeing as how I don’t have anything else to do, haha.

Blessed be,

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End of an Era

So today was my last day at work. If you had asked me a year ago if I would ever be sad to leave that place, I would have laughed in your face. Loudly. However today it nearly broke me all over again. Truth is… I finally found a job that I love and am incredibly good at. I am really going to miss that job. No matter where I go or what I do, I’m not going to find a job where I have little to no personal interaction (like retail or customer service) while still being in a customer service position. I also will most likely take a HUGE pay cut. And with the cost of living in Winchester or the DC Metro area I cannot afford to take a big pay cut. So now, here I am… no job, no car, no computer (I have access, but I don’t have one of my own that I can trust will work at all), no home… but I do have a phone now. I signed my own phone contract. My first step toward gaining my independence again. And guess what! I didn’t even have to put down  a deposit for it! I just paid for my phone, signed my contract & that was that. Thank the gods for Samm & DJ. I don’t know what I’d do without them right now. After many tears, and many goodbyes, at least it’s over. The sad thing is that I never knew how many people liked me at work. I never knew how many friends I had. I always thought people liked me b/c I was half of Heather & Brandon, but they actually just liked me. Sad that sometimes you never realize what you have until it’s yanked out from under you. Keep in touch everyone & I love you!!

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