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Work, work, work…A wise person once said: sometimes work’s all we have that keeps us from going crazy. But when you’re a terribly non-technical person working in over-the-phone technical support, it’s basically the only thing in life that threatens to drive you crazy. Don’t get me wrong, I’m used to it now, and I kind of like it. But when some man tells you he won’t accept your opinion as to why his secondary tv’s not working simply b/c you have a vagina, and everyone knows only people with penises can fix a technical problem, it gets old. In a hurry.
I guess money is money. And aside from factory work, or specialized fields, this is what my area offers… could be worse. I just wish I liked technical crap. Oh, I understand it now, but I still don’t like it. And, by the by, satellite internet: more crap. And much more trouble than it’s worth. Take my advice: say no. Please. Use the library, use your friend’s computer, hack the internet at Starbucks, but please stay away from the satellite internet craze. If not for yourselves, do it for me… And my sanity. I’m holding on hard enough as it is 🙂

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Making amends…

The past is a strange and fickle thing… you never remember the bad times; you always look back and wish you could go back. But when you think about how you felt, sometimes you can remember the gut-wrenching emotions that made you pack up and run. Running helps, sometimes. But you can’t escape your nature or your destiny. I know I sound melodranatic, and maybe I am. But I’m also right. Now I’m trying to pick up the pieces, make my amends, and turn everything around. I’ve been a shit to some people. And I recognize my mistakes now. A little late, but nonetheless, I have abandoned the ways of old, and reinveted everything. I just wish I could be as carefree as I was then.

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