It has been such a long time since I have posted and there is a ton to catch you all up on, but I will start with this… I’ve been super busy with this…


Yay!! I honestly could not be any more happy than I am at this point in my life, and I promise you that I will let you guys in on all the details in later posts. Right now, though, I have some fun new crafts to share with you.

The first and biggest that I want to share actually has nothing whatsoever to do with our upcoming wedding. But I’ve got a couple of great progress shots and I am seriously anxious to share them with you.

The project is a giant cross stitch of the Super Mario World map. Yep. The whole thing. There are even options to do some of the little mini-maps of the different levels (funkymonkey from SpriteStitch.com is the author of the pattern and has some other awesome stuff on the site). But that is a very distant thought; the map itself promises to take at least 2 years, if I work on it every day. It is that large a pattern and the stitches are that small. This is what the map will look like when it is all done:


I purchased the evenweave cloth and some of the first colors I would need for the pattern over a year ago & then I just kept putting it off time and again. Something would come up or some other craft would come along and I would talk myself out of starting the pattern. Then on the 15th of June, I had crafted a ton of stuff for the wedding, started a new job and decided that I needed a break from wedding planning and DIY. Mario fit the bill.

So far I have two updates to share. This first photo is from June 25 & is about 3,120 stitches. I figured out that with this tight a weave on my fabric, I only have to do 1/2 stitches on everything but the black. In order to get crisp 8-bit lines, I went ahead and did full stitches.


The second photo is from June 30 and I have absolutely no idea how many stitches I have done now. I’ll keep posting updates as I go, but they may seem quite unimpressive. This is probably 30-40 hours of work, so it does take quite awhile to make any visible progress at all. Lol.



Ken & I have been engaged for 1 month & a couple days, and we’ve been making some nice strides toward the wedding of our dreams. I have to say that Ken is a most interested, involved groom and I could not be more thankful for his input and suggestions. And I also have an army of friends and family who are so willing to help. I am truly a lucky, lucky woman.

Thus far in our journey, we have gotten the centerpiece vases for our tables, lined up a florist who has agreed to help me make my vision a reality, a caterer who is such a joy to work with that I will firmly be recommending them to everyone that I know, my wedding dress & my reception dress have been purchased and paid for, and the Remembrance Table is well under way.

I ran across an old 1920’s Peerless Reproducer at a pawn shop in downtown Lynchburg. It is a little distressed, but that keeps in line with the vision that I have for our big day. The “public” side of the speaker is lovely and, while the volume of the output is incredibly low, the original wiring and speaker parts still work! I can’t wait to incorporate this into our decor and design something awesome around it.

30 Before 30

Well, folks, it’s about that time. I am nearing a birthday that I have been dreading. No, it isn’t the big 3-0, yet. But it’s pretty darned close. I turn 29 in 2 weeks and it has been getting my down. No need to lie here… I’ve been seriously contemplating lying about my age, repeating a few numbers I’ve already lived through, dying my hair, getting botox, figuring out a way to get my hands on a student ID card and continuing to live my life like an early 20-something. But, alas, I can do none of those things… at least not without feeling like a heel.

Earlier today, I saw that a friend was contemplating what to do for her 30th birthday, and she had so many grand ideas. Well that gave me one. Why wait for that one special, and oh-so-dreaded, day when I have slightly over a year to gear up for it? I’m going to turn my 30th into something to savor and look forward to, rather than something to avoid or look upon with the heavy heart of a youth misspent. And thus my version of the 30 Before 30 list was born. I haven’t managed to nail down the whole list yet, but when I do, you’ll all be the first to know. This is what I have so far:

  1. Hike a portion of the Appalachain Trail.
  2. Take a belly dancing class.
  3. Cook a gourmet meal for my closest friends.
  4. Relocate.
  5. Lose those last pesky pounds (current count: 40).
  6. Finish the first draft of my novel.
  7. Attend a spiritual retreat, ritual or convention.
  8. Purchase a more reliable car.
  9. Get a tattoo.
  10. Workout for 30 days straight (yoga, weights, jogging, hiking, you name it- anything goes).
  11. Overcome my fear of being submissive.
  12. Be just a little bit selfish.
  13. Go to NYC to see a show and eat at a little known, but well loved, local joint.
  14. Pop my karaoke cherry.
  15. Get over my fear of cameras by taking 1 photo a day for 30 days (of myself, no exceptions)
  16. Go back to college; pursue a degree in English.
  17. Forgive, but not forget.

I am not a giant fan of photos (see #15), but I will do my best to document these as I go. I will undoubtedly be enlisting the help of my lovely friends to make this a success, so perhaps they can chronicle my journey. 🙂 I can’t wait to get started on this journey toward my next big milestone, but I think it will have to wait for tomorrow morning!

At this point, I don’t even know what to do with these emotions or thoughts, so I figured it was best to just get them out of my head and onto… umm… paper? I’m going to do this as anonymously as possible, but I’m not honestly sure how successful I’ll be. For those of you who know me irl, you know that I recently broke a self-induced 3 1/2 hiatus from the dating world. I realized with the dissolution of my previous relationship that I had built up a healthy store of unhealthy relationship habits and issues. So this break from dating and sex was my way of learning to reclaim my own life.

For as long as I can remember, pretty much my whole dating life, I have been all too willing to give up little pieces of myself to make sure my partner was healthy, happy, satisfied and- ultimately- just around for the long haul. By giving up my own personality, inch by inch, along with my own desires/goals, I wound up losing myself completely and becoming nothing more than a vessel to be used by my partner to further their own interests. It was really no wonder that I started to consider myself expendable. I’ve often heard myself say, “I’m just not the forever-girl; I’m the til-something-better-comes-along-girl.” And why was that? Why on earth were people using me to springboard themselves, fix their issues and then find someone different to walk out their life’s path with? Well, plain and simple, because I allowed it. I expected it and didn’t think that I was worthy of more.

I began casually dating a friend of mine back in January and we wound up making it official in February. It would have been a good relationship, one where I wasn’t going to be expected to give any part of myself up in favor of his interests. But it moved very quickly and I realized that I wasn’t ready for that sprint-to-the-altar kind of relationship. It would have been awesome if I could have just given myself over to it and let it happen. I mean, really, what would have been the problem? I would have been married, I would have had awesome step-children, my best friend (his ex-wife, coincidentally) would have been family… But it didn’t feel “right.” Whether that was timing or because we both still have issues we need to work on, I’m not completely sure; in the end, the result was the same whatever the cause.

Shortly after this friend and I amicably split, I met a man out at a local music gig that a friend of mine was playing. We had an amazing first ‘date,’ as we later started to refer to it. He held open doors for me, we had engaging, meaningful conversation, we have common interests, I found his moral integrity to be refreshing and attractive, and he was just a beautiful man from the inside out. We began to spend a lot of time together and things were going swimmingly. We were both falling quickly into something beautiful and scary. Then comes the inevitable drop of the other shoe, the whole reason for this stream-of-consciousness posty thing.

He has an old friend that he introduced me to one night, making clear his intentions of keeping me around for awhile. It was quite clear that I was a romantic relationship for him. Well this old friend happens to be female, and my manfriend happens to be her go-to standby when her dating life falls to shit. I think she’s always assumed that he would just always be there as her backup. Needless to say, seeing the two of us happily together made her reconsider that particular world view. She came to him the following night confessing that she has feelings for him. Now to the outside observer this may seem like a sweet little confession from someone who had pined after a friend for a long time. We’ve all been in that position; it’s easy to empathize with her. Let me shed a little more light, shall I? This woman uses manipulation to keep a bevvy of men on hooks so that she can fill the void of her own loneliness and mask her feelings of insecurity and self-loathing with their apparent adoration. She cannot be alone with herself, must always have a man ready to be at her beck and call and another on standby in case the first doesn’t give her the appropriate amount of attention. Now I admit, we all have these leanings. Even the most well-adjusted woman likes the attention of approving members of the sex/es to which they are attracted.  But we do not go as far as thing young lady. We don’t invent issues so that a man feels an intense desire to save us. And my manfriend is a saver. I understand that bit; I am as well.

The thing I don’t understand is why I feel a sense of loss. He did eventually choose to be with her, and I did lose him. But that was a door that needed to close. His way of life included a lot of alcohol and other substances that I do not partake in and do not consider healthy or wise. I could not have joined him in his choice of recreation, nor would he have been willing to change for little ol’ me. I truthfully wouldn’t want someone who needed to change to be someone I would want to spend my life with, and I recognize this fact. But it still sucks to be passed over. It’s not so much the loss of him that pains me, I suppose. I would imagine that if I were completely honest with myself, the reason I am upset that I have lost that relationship is the fact that once again I threw myself into pursuits I have no interest in to appease my partner. Time to go back to the drawing board and promise myself, once again, that I will do better next time.

So in addition to my goal to read 50+ books this year, I have decided also to challenge myself to read more religious and sacred texts. For me this includes not only texts of the major world religions, but also mythic and esoteric texts that relate to my own religious path. I’ve already begun to read the Q’ran and The Holy Bible, but today I finished the Vita Merlini. Written by Geoffrey of Monmouth in or around AD1150, this text chronicles the life of Myrddhin Wyllt or as he is more commonly known (by Monmouth and the rest of the Anglo world): Merlin. His other names include Merlinus Caledonensis or Merlin Sylvestris. He is the famed seer of Welsh legend.

This text details the internal struggles of Merlin as he nears his final end. Feeling at a loss though surrounded by his wife, sister and brother-in-law (the king), Merlin takes to the woods in a fit of madness. In today’s day and age, this madness might be attributed to malnutrition, malabsorption, mental illness, seasonal effective disorder or several other myriad causes, but in Merlin’s age it was simple madness that one could be persuaded out of. Merlin himself was talked out of the woods or lured out by music several times, but each time he relinquished his family once again to return to his glade. Taliesin, Merlin’s oldest friend and fellow soothsayer, joins Merlin and recounts his own prophecies which mirror and expound on Merlin’s own.

This text was an important one in its prime; Merlin was a vital historic figure and Geoffrey of Monmouth documented his life to the best of his ability. A little hard to read at times, the Vita detailed his predictions to striking effect. This is one of the first “predictive texts” I have read that recount names and hard details rather than allegory or allusion. It was an enjoyable read, if a little verbose.

11-Minute Tomato Soup

It is fall and for me this means one thing: my evening meals center around soups, casseroles and my Crockpot. I absolutely adore fall and cannot be more pleased to have it knocking on my front door every morning with a crisp, leaf-scented hello kiss. Tonight’s culinary adventure? Tomato Soup 🙂

11-Minute Tomato Soup

  • 1 lg can whole tomatoes + liquid
  • 1 large yellow onion, diced
  • 2-3 cloves garlic, minced
  • 2 Tbs. margarine
  • 6 fresh basil leaves, torn
  • salt & pepper to taste
  • 1 c. fat-free half & half
  • 2 Tbs. cornstarch
  • pinch Mrs. Dash Hot N Spicy (or Sriracha- my personal fave!!)
  • asiago, parmesan, mozzarella or romano cheese for topping
  1. In large cooking pot, saute garlic and onions in butter over medium heat until onions are translucent, about 6 minutes. Add salt & pepper to taste.
  2. Add can of tomatoes to your favorite blender. Once onion mixture is cooked, add to blender with basil. Blend until smooth.
  3. Return contents of blender to pot & heat over medium. Mix half & half with cornstarch to make a slurry; slowly pour into pot, stirring to combine.
  4. Heat to desired temperature, top with cheese (if desired) & serve with grilled cheese sammiches!!! 😉

35 Days of Horror (2011)

This year, I’ve decided to do a movie countdown leading up to Halloween. I absolutely love Halloween, and even more than that, I love being terrified. Most horror movies fall dangerously short of that mark, but I remain hopeful that I’ll find a new love amid my favorite film genre. My goal is to watch one movie a day, all found streaming on Netflix or shown on cable. I don’t have a lot of money this year, so going out and renting 35 movies (which would probably be a little better than the ones I will find on TV or Netflix) is not really an option. So we’re going to find out together what sort of movies I can round up this year. Here we go, folks!

September 27- Exorcismus. (Netflix) The plot line of this movie was ridiculous; the acting was horrendous. The only redeeming quality of Exorcismus was the priest’s voice. He really did have a lovely voice, though that is hardly the thing you want to be the most remarkable about a horror movie.

September 28- Requiem. (Netflix) Subtitled in English from the original German, this is the story of a girl suffering from epilepsy who also happens to be a devout Catholic. Conflicted between the terrors scientific reasoning and the comfort of her faith, Michaela tries to deal with her epilepsy and her first semester of university. The stress brought on by her studies and her first love, lead to a series of spells, each one more severe than the last. Convinced that she cannot touch the rosary or pray, she believes that demons are responsible for her inability to cope. I can’t help but feel for Michaela. The actors and actresses do a wonderful job in this movie, and though not your typical “horror” film (it’s more of a drama, really), it is a good one.

September 29- Wicked Little Things. (Netflix) A formulaic story about a group of children who die down a mineshaft and wreak havoc on an isolated mountain top. A newly-widowed woman with her two children move into an old family home and are soon visited by grisly specters. Bad things ensue, but without any satisfying resolution. Not my idea of a good horror movie.

September 30- Cabin Fever 2. (Netflix) I honestly cannot think of a single sequel I have ever seen that comes close to the original in terms of plot, acting, graphics, effects, etc. This movie is no exception. I can appreciate it as a B-grade movie (it even had some pretty good B-moments), but in terms of it living up to the Cabin Fever franchise, I think it falls disastrously short. The premise of this movie is tainted water that finds its way to a water-bottling plant and then meanders its way, via animated opening credits, to the halls of a high school.

October 1- Anneliese: The Exorcism Tapes. (Netflix) This movie is based on the real, tragic exorcism of a young German girl, Anneliese Michel. Her parents, priests and doctors were all at odds over the proper course her treatment should take and the end result was horrific. I was intrigued to watch this film because it was purported to be based very closely on the audio recordings of her actual exorcism, but the film didn’t quite do the tapes justice. I have listened to the audio recordings (there are many available on youtube, I’ve linked a couple, as well as on some Catholic websites, etc), and have had to stop them frequently because I was literally having trouble listening at times. Chilling. I am not easy to scare, but these tapes accomplished just that. That being said, the film failed to scare the pants off me as the tapes did. Still a pretty good (though tepid) exorcism film though.

Halloween, horror, movie, countdown

October 2- Frozen. (Starz OnDemand) Ok, you might all laugh at me for this one, but I literally screamed three times watching this movie. It is the story of three friends who are stranded at the top of a ski lift over a holiday weekend. While trying to escape the lift, climb down the pole and reach the ground safely, they are discovered by a pack of wolves, driven nearly to starvation by the climate. Bad things are bound to happen. The ending of the movie made me pretty angry actually, but the entirety of their mid-air struggle had me on the edge of my seat. I am absolutely petrified of falling and this movie was the embodiment of my worst fear. So yeah, I’d choose to watch the first hour and fifteen minutes of it again in a heartbeat if I wanted an adrenaline rush.

Halloween, horror, movie, countdown

October 3- Case 39. (Netflix) A seemingly sweet but abused little girl, Lily, is “rescued” by a well-meaning social worker who then discovers that not all pretty packages contain nice gifts. This little girl is incredibly intuitive and she is actually pretty creepy. Manipulative and observant, Lily winds her guardian around her finger and when the social worker begins to realize that not everything about her ward is as it seems, will it be too late? Guess you’ll have to watch to find out. Also, side note, there is a scene involving lots and lots of CGI bees that gave me the shivers. Would have been a lot more terrifying if they hadn’t been as black as flies. But still a welcome thrill nonetheless.

Halloween, horror, movie, countdown

October 4- Ed Gein: The Butcher of Plainfield. (Netflix) Based on the true events surrounding serial killer Ed Gein, this thriller is a somewhat exaggerated version of real events. But the sick part is… it’s not that exaggerated. Gein was famous for making skin suits out of the flesh of his victims. I find this kind of movie to be the most horrific; it’s terrible what the human animal is capable of.

Halloween, horror, movie, countdown

October 5- The Tooth Fairy. (Netflix) This one turns the classic children’s myth on its head. The tale is of the legacy of a witch, cursed with a horrible skin disease, who begins to lure children into her home and steal their last baby tooth before killing them. A man buys her family homestead and sets up a bed & breakfast, inviting his ex-fiance and her daughter to stay with him for the weekend. The little girl of course hasn’t lost her last baby tooth. After meeting a well-meaning and informative child ghost (who doesn’t reveal herself as a ghost, btw), the little girl pulls her tooth and hides it in her dresser, hoping to avoid the notice of the famous Tooth Fairy Witch. Does it work? You’ll have to watch to see, but I will give this one a slightly higher rating than most, simply because most of the acting was believable.

Halloween, horror, movie, countdown

October 6- Albert Fish. (Netflix) This is the documentary of the life of Albert Fish. This sado-masochistic serial killer and I have a past. You see, the first true crime novel I ever purchased and read was a biography of this man. His story absolutely terrified me as a young adult; the unspeakable atrocities he committed still creep the crap out of me. His religious fanaticism is still one of the most repugnant things I have ever uncovered with my own eyes (via the book, of course. I didn’t actually discover anything about his case. Lol). If you’re at all interested in the psychology of the pathological mind, this would be a pretty good film for you.

Halloween, horror, movie, countdown

October 7- Driftwood. (Netflix) This thriller is about a troubled young man whose parents send him to a detention center guaranteed to turn his life around. The lead character, David, is intelligent, belligerent and woefully maladjusted after the death of his brother. Instead of getting him the help that he needs, his parents turn to the miracle camp of Driftwood. Driftwood is headed by a sadistic owner who demands that his “clients” call him simply Captain. Uncovering the dark, haunting secrets of the detention center is David’s only chance at escape and redemption. But does he have the courage to go through with it?

October 8- BoogeyMan (2005). (FEARnet OnDemand) A supposed remake of the cult classic, this film has little in common with its famous namesake. A man is haunted by the childhood memory of the boogeyman killing his mother’s boyfriend, he decides to banish the nightmare once and for all by spending the night in his old family homestead. Poor guy.

October 9- Paranormal Activity 2. (EPIX OnDemand) This sequel is actually a prequel to the original sparse thriller. This one was far creepier than the original for me, specifically because of the infant/toddler being screwed with… No real resolution or plot development, but then again the original movie didn’t have too much either. This movie didn’t actual scare, but it did make you nervous when the scenes of activity centered around the baby & German Shepherd. Good for a one-off watch late at night, if nothing else.

October 10- Carrie 2: The Rage. (EPIX OnDemand) Pretty decent sequel. This is the story of Rachel, the half-sister of Carrie White, Sissy Spacek’s infamous character from the original Carrie, who has inherited her powers of telekinesis. The antagonist from the original film reprises her role, but has grown up to become the guidance counselor of the new high school in her hometown. Rachel is an outcast, but it is not until she falls in love for the first time that bullies in her high school trigger her powers in a malevolent way. I actually like this film quite a bit. More than I was anticipating, at any rate. The high school bully-machine was pretty well realized, though overly-dramatized, and fed the story line well. I’d recommend this for people who want a little thrill without too much terror.

La Habitacion Del Nino

October 11- The Baby’s Room. (Netflix) This Spanish film with English subtitles is a thriller that tells the tale of new parents Sonia and Juan who move into their dream home only to discover that the place has a sinister past. Sonia starts hearing voices through their son’s baby monitor so Juan goes out and purchases a new visual baby monitor. He begins seeing the replay of events past, but can only see them through the eyes of the monitor. This chilling tale quickly warps your sense of reality and the surreal, sucking you in to the world of the past. Pretty, pretty good.

October 12- The Tomb. (Netflix & Starz OnDemand) A part of Fangoria Frightfest, The Tomb is the tale of a Russian woman obsessed with cheating death. Black magic running in her blood, she sets her sights on a wealthy engaged professor, using him to complete her soul-stealing mission. I couldn’t get through this movie all in one sitting; not because of the terror (frankly, there was none), but because I just couldn’t get into this one.

October 13- Masters of Horror: Dreams in the Witch House. (Netflix) I watched this movie years ago, but this one stuck with me. A kind but exhausted graduate student, a sweet mother and her toddler son, a wacky religious old neighbor, a rat with a face, a infanticidal dimension-hopping witch. It had so much. Not really all that spooky, unless anthropomorphized rats do you in, but it was pretty good nonetheless. Memorable, at any rate.

October 14- Masters of Horror: Jenifer. (Netflix) This is another of those that I had seen awhile back, but just like last night’s this one had staying power and made me want to watch it again. The effects were pretty good in Jenifer and the portrayal of the pitiful orphan girl was great. She turns out to be more than Detective Spivey bargained for though. Erotic, suspenseful, gory, creepy: a good one to watch.

October 15- Masters of Horror: Imprint. (Netflix) A man seeks his former love, a Japanese prostitute, only to discover that the woman he once loved has a secret and violent past. Set up as a narrative told by a disfigured compatriot of the man’s lost lover, this one is sure to please with its twists and turns.

October 16- Masters of Horror: Fair Haired Child. (Netflix) A young loner is kidnapped by a washed-up classical musician and his wife. As the story progresses, a tale of lost talent, murdered children and the redemptive value of revenge. I actually really enjoyed this particular installment of MoH. A definite rewatch.

October 17- Masters of Horror: Right to Die. (Netflix) An unfaithful man gets into an unfortunate accident with his wife; he walks away barely scratched but she is badly burned and left on life support. The husband decides to respect his wife’s supposed wishes and terminate her life, but then things begin to get spooky. Corbin Bernsen is pretty good as a smarmy, out-for-himself lawyer and Martin Donovan really puts his heart into the role of grieving but darkly conflicted husband.

October 18- House (2008). (EPIX OnDemand) In this ridiculous film, two couples are faced with the horrors of their own guilt in a home filled with sadistic “devil worshipers.” Past abuse, murder, parental neglect, and marital problems drop the four newcomers smack dab in the middle of their worst nightmares. I would not recommend this movie for anyone who is looking for a really good scare, but if you don’t really like horror all that much, you would probably enjoy this one. It’s one of those movies for people who don’t really want to be afraid.

October 19- Mad World. (Netflix) In this dark thriller, the lives of four young men are exposed in chilling detail. The sick/sad part of it is, these things go on far too often in our twisted world and often go completely unnoticed by the remainder of society. Sexual abuse, feelings of inadequacy, hypocrisy and bullying lead to horrific consequences for these four young boys. A good thriller, though it could have been better realized.

Saw: The Final Chapter

October 20- Saw: The Final Chapter. (EPIX OnDemand) Slicing together parts of the previous flicks in this franchise, Saw: TFC was one gruesome piece of work. The story line was garbled, but wrapped up nicely. Cary Elwes reprised his role shockingly well. Self-help guru, and all around douche, Bobby Dagen is sentenced to play the game he claims to have survived once already. Only one problem: you can’t boast to Jigsaw that you survived his puzzle, when he knows you didn’t even get into the game. But don’t worry, Jigsaw will help you clear your conscious.

Kill Theory

October 21- Kill Theory. (FEARNet OnDemand) This revenge flick pits eight college-aged kids against one sadly troubled man. This man, convicted of 2nd degree manslaughter and housed in a mental institution for 3 years, comes back with a vengeance. The “Kill Theory” is that, deep down, each of us is a killer, if presented with the right circumstances. For the mostly-faceless ringleader, his circumstance was dangling 100-ft above the earth, tethered to 3 of his closest friends and the choice between sacrificing their lives to survive or dying together.  So the question for these eight is: Do you have that primeval desire to live, or would you rather die with your friends?


October 22- Valemont. (FEARNet OnDemand) In this movie length adaptation of the popular series, Valemont plays home to the countries collegiate-aged vampires. Conspiracy theories, ulterior motives and questionable character traits plague our plucky heroine in the search for her estranged brother’s killers. Hijinks, garlic oil administered via syringe, pig’s blood orgies, Vampire/Human Relations 101, and sap that would kill the newly-turned vampires… Full of plot holes, but shot well. Be forewarned though; this is not a horror movie. Or a horror series. It’s just strangely plotted out, poorly realized intrigue.

October 23- Exorcism of Emily Rose (FearNET OnDemand) One of my all-time favorite exorcism flicks. I just really love the lead actress in this movie. Father Richard Moore is on trial for the negligent death of Emily Rose, a victim of either demonic possession or psychotic epileptic disorder. It is up to Laura Linney to fight for Father Moore in his desire to let Emily’s story be told. With murder, intrigue, great film angles, dual scene shootings from the perspective of both the prosecutors and the defense, TEoER is one to watch again and again.

October 24- After Dark Horrofest III- Autopsy (FearNET OnDemand) This ridiculously incoherent gore-fest was a complete snooze. Not even a Terminator alum could help this film out of its grave. A group of college-aged kids, evenly comprised of women and men, wrecks on a back woods road, injuring a man in the process. They are then taken to a nearby hospital, Mercy. The doctor, who is fueled by a kind of crazy lust to cure his wife of terminal cancer, takes a special interest in their care. Easily mislead cops, ex-con porters, and tenuous personal relationships make this a real let down of a flick.  Not even a spinal fluid drinking scene could redeem this movie. And believe me, they tried that too.

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